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Motorcycle Expo Entry form

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1. Participants must attend the motorcycle expo on Saturday from 08:00 am. until 16:00 to make their motorcycles available for the Motorcycle Expo Show.
2. Motorcycles may not be removed before the end of the Expo.
3. Motorcycles may not be driven into the hall or switched on inside the hall.
4. Winners of each category will be announced on Saturday at 13:00.
5. There are only 3 square meters available per motorcycle. No loose goods are allowed around the bike, due to the movement of the public.
6. This is a family festival; therefore, all ages must be considered when exhibiting paint work.
7. You are responsible for keeping the area around your bike clean especially from possible oil leaks.
8. As there is limited hall space, the number of entries will also be limited.
1. Security will be arranged for Friday night if the motorcycles are left in the hall.
2. If you only want to exhibit on Saturday, you must be on site by 07:30 am.
3. Each entry for a particular category receives two admission tickets that are valid for the day of expo.